New ICB Accreditation and Website



Souters is accredited by the ICB and have produced excellent pass rates with the first groups of students that are taking their exams. It is a great qualification for someone who would like to become self employed Bookkeeper. The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) has a very balanced training syllabus. It is ideal for people who have no previous background in finance. We have trained a mixture of pure beginners and people who are working in Finance but need a qualification in order to advance their career.

Preparing VAT returns

ICB Bookkeeping Courses

We offer ICB Bookkeeping Courses in a classroom environment in London and we also offer Distance Learning ICB training at much more economic prices.

All of our Distance Learning courses are supported by Chartered Accountants. Our classroom courses are delivered by the same trainers. We boast excellent pass rates.

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