Excel Courses Online

We offer a range of Microsoft Excel Courses. The CSAF delivers online Excel courses to our learners in partnership with our training partner, Microsoft Certified Academy. We can also offer Virtual Classroom and Live Classroom training options, which are run by live Excel tutors. All of our trainers have significant experience in applying Excel in the workplace.

This is a huge advantage as it enables students to learn how to translate their Excel Course materials into their workplace and build their careers. We have trained all types of delegates in various industries and levels.

microsoft excel course online

Online Excel Courses

Bespoke Excel Courses

We can also offer Bespoke Excel Courses designed to meet your training needs. This lets you select the training material needed for your particular spreadsheets or work scenarios.

We can also offer a Bespoke Training package directly related to building relevant Excel skills to enter Finance, Banking or other related industries. This course has been popular with many people from large and notable organisations.

Accredited Excel Courses Online

All of our Excel Courses are CPD Accredited. We are also a Microsoft Certified Academy, so the quality of our courses is high. One key difference between our online Excel courses is that they are also CPD Accredited and delivered on a state-of-the-art live server with a virtual tutor.

Our Online Excel Training virtual tutor means that the program will monitor your actions in Excel and correct any mistakes that you have made. This training style is similar to accessing an Excel tutor at home and your convenience. All of our Excel Courses offer CPD Certification and Assessments, which are internationally recognised. We can also offer training in other Microsoft Office Packages, including Power BI, Access, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.

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